RMNoise Client for Linux

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RMNoise Client for Linux

Post by w4whw »

I noted that your noise reduction client software is apparently only available for Windows based operating systems. Do you plan on making a version of the client software available for Linux based operating systems?

73 Bill W4WHW
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Re: RMNoise Client for Linux

Post by RandyW »


Welcome. Yes I plan to port the client to linux, although I can't offer a timeline.

I'm also considering a web based version...
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Re: RMNoise Client for Linux

Post by m0lqw »


Also interested in linux client, ideally to be able to run a backround service via comand line (consol only app) that could be managed also via command line or socket/file handler.

Could do great with little raspberry pi client software with no x and with some external console to control it.

I'm commin too far in the future, but would be great seeing a ESP32 client (example) source, this would give unlimited application options including embedding it within the radio itself!

Looking forward for any updates

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